Your treatment begins with an initial assessment, after which we will design a complete programme designed to achieve the results you want. Learn more about our fees here.

3-hour breakthrough session

Achieve lasting results in a single, intensive, 3-hour session. Breakthrough sessions are designed to re-focus your mind so that you can make substantial progress on your performance issue.

Individual therapy sessions
£150 per session

1-hour sessions are offered as part of a tailored programme designed to get results. We do not sell ongoing therapy with no end in sight.

Blocks of 6 sessions

Blocks of 6 sessions, with longer duration up to 90 minutes, support a deeper level of change management. You will also save 20% compared to individually-booked sessions.

Reclaim your fees as a Westfield Health member

If you hold Westfield Health alternative therapy cover you can reclaim up to 100% of your treatment fees.

Please contact us for more information about eligibility.